Blue Palm Pools

3 types of pool covers

Standard Pool Cover

This type is the most affordable cover among the three popular pool protection. You can get one for as low as $80 depending on the size. This product is good for those who do not have much budget for the cover but at the same time wants to keep their pool clean and free from leaves and debris. The only disadvantage of this pool cover type is the water build-up on top during rainy or winter season. Since the material is polyester like a tarpaulin, do not expect that it can be used for safety purposes.

Security Pool Cover

This kind of pool cover is worth more than a thousand dollars and the price is reasonable for the materials used. It has springs attached on the cover and connected to the pool sides to cover the whole part well. Although it is not created with a hard material, it is guaranteed more durable and long lasting than the standard cover because it is made of vinyl, a medium which is known for heavy-duty quality. They also have the mesh type which is lighter but hardwearing. the problem with mesh security covers is it cannot preserve the water since dust and microscopic dirt can pass through.

Automatic Pool Cover

This is the most expensive but stylish and in demand type of cover. It is made of a polycarbonate sheet which is motorized or uses an automatic system to operate. It ranges from $5000 to $30000, it depends on the shape and size of the pool. This one can be used for safety purposes such as prevention of accidental drowning on the pool when kids are left unattended. An automatic pool cover is also good to hinder evaporation of water to save costs.


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