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Purpose of pool covers

Although in some countries, the government implemented a law on keeping the pool area safe with the use of different devices such as an alarm and installation of gates or fences in order to avoid drowning accidents at home. Aside from this policy, there are 3 reasons why people use pool covers:

  1. For safety – everybody wants a secured pool area wherein kids and adults can go near the pool without worrying of falling into the water and drown. Security pool cover and the Automatic pool cover are the 2 most commonly used type to prevent accidents like the one mentioned earlier. Since the materials used to make these covers are durable, it guarantees safety and protection not only for accidents but also to mosquitoes and bacteria in the stagnant water that may cause diseases.
  2. For maintenance – well, it is obvious that pool covers which are usually made of nets or mesh are used to catch falling leaves and other flying pieces of trash into the water. But these materials cannot filter dust and other small particles that can make the water murky. That is why some people prefer the vinyl or PVC type which are most of the time operated by a motor system to function.
  3. For Thermal Retention – Some pool covers use solar blankets to keep the water warm especially when winter is about to come. Solar pool covers are believed to absorb heat from the sun and maintain the temperature for several days especially if the pool water was just recently shocked.

Whatever reason you may have, it is the best decision to get a pool cover which is durable and reliable. You can choose a standard cover if you just need to filter debris and do not want to spend a lot of cash for it.


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