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Solar Pool Covers

You may heard about different types of pool covers like the most popular one which is the automatic pool cover. How about the solar pool cover? What is special about it? You may choose to use a spring type or the automatic system to make this one work. The material used is just the same with the famous solar blankets sold in the market for many years. Here at Blue Palm Pools, we recommend Pool Covers Sydney for all your pool cover needs.

Some pool owners want a warm water on their pools that is why they have to call a shock service to heat their pool especially during the cool months.  In order to maintain the warm water, you must have a solar pool cover installed. It prevents the liquid from drying up while at the same time maintains temperature and cleanliness.

You can choose your solar blanket since it has different grades and thickness. The material of these blankets are perfect for absorbing the heat of the sun and trapping the warm temperature. However, these covers must not be used during winter. Too much direct sunlight may also damage the material so, it is better to keep the covers when not needed.

If you are looking for a more durable type of solar pool cover, you should go with the thicker ones although it is not recommended for thermal maintenance or keeping the water warm unlike the thinner blankets.

Solar blankets are available in various sizes. You can always choose how big or small is needed. Even if your pool has a unique style or shape, just get a huge rectangular blanket then measure the swimming pool for a perfect fit.

When not in use, simply roll the solar covers and store it in a room temperature area. Make sure it is clean and totally dry to maintain its durability.

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