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Why is my swimming pool green?

Have you ever wondered why your swimming pool water turned green? You may describe it as murky and swampy because your pool may be developing algae and the chlorine level is quite low. How do we clean and get rid of algae on the pool?

Never swim when the pool is already green, not just because it is gross but because it is not safe at all. Can you imagine how many species and organisms are growing there especially when not used for a long time? It simply means that you need to do something about it right away. Get your stuff and start cleaning.

If you cannot empty the pool and replace all the water in it, the most effective way is to shock the water. Shocking is used to kill the microorganisms living in the water and prevent other bacteria to grow and spread rapidly.

Using chemicals to clean it is normal nevertheless the substance is not too much because it can also harm our bodies if we do so. If you put chlorine on the water, be sure not to use it at least for the first 24 hours. Wait until the level becomes 3-5 just be to be sure that it is safe to swim.

The filter in the pool must be cleaned regularly especially when the water turns green all the time. This could mean that some algae are trapped inside and will not be removed until you clean it thoroughly. Remaining dirt and algae below the pool must be vacuumed.

As much as possible try to clean the pool walls and tiles with a scrub and other organic chemicals when you remove the water to prevent algae from developing. It is still better to change the water once in a while if you want a hazard-free swimming pool.

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